Mobile Driver’s License Videos

Excerpts from recorded webinars

What are mDLs, What Can They do and How is This Being Standardized?

mDL Jurisdictional Requirements - Privacy, Security, Identity Confirmation

Mechanisms of an mDL: How They Can be Trusted

mDL Use Cases for ISO 18013-5

Will mDLs replace physical cards?

Do mDLs Disrupt Privacy for Law Enforcement?

Will mDLs support various transmission methods?

Trust Mechanisms of mDLs - ISO 18012-5

Variations to In-person Interactions using a Mobile ID

Verifier Risk of mDLs

mDL Interaction Modes

Privacy Considerations Owned by mDL Verifiers

TSA: mDL Integration, Use Cases, Challenges

mDL Bank Uses Cases

mDL Law Enforcement Use Cases

Alliance mDL Use Case Template

Secure Technology Alliance mDL Initiative

How mDLs Provide Trust and Choice to Consumers

Privacy-enhancing Benefits, Designs of mDL

How Dependent Will mDLs be in the Future on Specific Verifier Terminals and Hardware?

Can mDLs be used to Authenticate a SSN or Other Identity Attribute to an Online Party?

Trust in Testing and Certification of mDL Processes and Solutions

How Trusted Issuance Works Digitally for Accepting mDLs

Existing Trust Models for Physical Credentials

The Vision for mDLs

mDL Provisioning for Ubiquitous Usage and Trust

Issues and Risks to mDL Ecosystem Adoptions and Expansion

Working Together to Make a Rich mDL Ecosystem

Meeting Challenges with mDL Testing & Certification

Secure Technology Alliance mDL Initiative

Identity Proofing, Issuance Processes and Relying Party Trust of mDLs