mDL Uses

How Different Relying Parties Can Benefit from Accepting mDLs

A mobile driver’s license (mDL) can be presented to confirm driving privileges, legal age, name, or contact information. mDLs can be used in all the same scenarios as a physical driver’s license, for example, purchasing age-restricted items, opening bank accounts, renting or sharing cars, going through airport security, accessing secure locations and more.

Download our mDL Use Case Template Today!

Secure Technology Alliance has made a downloadable Use Case template available to guide you through developing your requirements and process for accepting a Mobile Driver’s License.  Download the Word document.  It will help you build the business case, capture operational requirements, and design the interaction of how your customers will present an mDL to you for better customer experience and more accurate identity.

How to Use This Template?

The Use Case Template is a companion to the STA’s The Mobile Driver’s License and Ecosystem white paper. It guides you through thinking about your current method of accepting a driver’s license or ID, the new interaction modes available, your privacy considerations as a “relying party” (RP), and ways to ensure customer trust.

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