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The introduction of mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) in the U.S. is a significant shift in how we prove and verify identity, age eligibility, residency and other personal attributes with enhanced security and privacy.

The Secure Technology Alliance, an organization known for supporting the successful implementation of secure technologies in the U.S., launched an initiative in 2019 to raise awareness, support development, accelerate adoption and educate the U.S. market on the technology and applications for state-issued mDLs.

Under this initiative, the Alliance:

  • Provides resources to educate the U.S. market (relying parties) on the rollout of the technology and the key uses for mDLs
  • Provides guidance on the security of mDLs and the methods deployed for authenticating mobile IDs
  • Facilitates discussions of implementation opportunities and challenges for broader adoption

Click here to see the Alliance mDL initiative’s participating members and guests.

The Alliance welcomes driver’s license technology providers, mobile technology providers, security providers, testing organizations, and relying parties including retailers, financial institutions and government security agencies to participate in this initiative.

For those interested in becoming involved in building the privacy-enhancing mobile ID ecosystem and defining the acceptance and use of mDLs for relying parties, contact the Alliance’s Executive Director, Jason Bohrer ([email protected]).

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