Driver’s licenses are coming to mobile devices!

Mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs), also known as digital driver’s licenses, are changing the way we prove identity. As this technology becomes more prevalent in the U.S., it will impact everyone – including consumers, businesses, technology providers, government agencies and more.

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mDL Connection is a resource from the Secure Technology Alliance, the digital security industry’s premier association. This website supplements the Alliance’s mission to educate the U.S. market and accelerate adoption and use of state-issued mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs). Learn more about this Secure Technology Alliance initiative.

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Mobile Driver's Licenses and Ecosystem Webinar Series

The Secure Technology Alliance Identity Council is hosting a webinar series to provide an overview of mDL capabilities and the ecosystem that will support implementations.

Check out the webinar series to learn about mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) and the impact they will have on identity verification as more states adopt the technology!

Stay updated on implementations and mDL news as this technology becomes more widespread across the U.S.