The early implementation of any new technology requires understanding and communication. Through this blog page, interested parties can raise awareness, educate, highlight or celebrate achievements, recognize accomplishments, and gain feedback around key mDL issues. The mDL Working Committee of the Identity & Access Forum in the Secure Technology Alliance created this blog as a platform to:

  • Share relevant, broader community discussions
  • Improve communication of complex issues or correct misunderstandings
  • Facilitate individual connections with subjects and content important to them

If you have comments on a post, or content you wish to contribute, please submit it to [email protected].

A word from Jason Bohrer, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance   People are always searching for ways to upgrade their lives. This is especially evident in the technological space, with new gadgets hitting the market at a near constant rate. Almost everything is available at your fingertips. Payments can be made with the […]

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